11gR2 Database Point-in-time recovery with ASM Snapshots.

Hi all,

I was about to write a post explaining how to recover a database from corruption using the new ASMCFS snapshots feature, but as I opened the Oracle ASM Clustered File System documentation, I can read…

  • Oracle ASM is the preferred storage manager for all database files. It has been specifically designed and optimized to provide the best performance for database file types.
  • Oracle ACFS is the preferred file manager for non-database files. It is optimized for general purpose files.
  • Oracle ACFS does not support any file that can be directly stored in Oracle ASM.

Which means, I could document it, it would work (in theory) but Oracle does not support it… in other words, it’s not suitable for a production environment.

Well, we’ll have to wait till Oracle sees the advantages of having point-in-time instant physical backups for datafiles and controlfiles 🙁

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