Validate and recover database irrecoverable data loss (Incomplete recovery)

On this scenario, we’ve been very bad guys and have no good controlfile backup from a recent archive backup, and also had lost some archivelog (let’s guess that the archivelogs lived on the FRA and all the diskgroups where corrupted). That means we have lost some data in time, but on some recovery scenarios, that […]

Update Oracle Enterprise linux with the Oracle public Yum repositories

To make a successfull yum update, you must enable ALL versions in the .repo file in the /etc/yum.repos.d directory, otherwise, you’ll get “Dependency Missing” problems when updating. It is not mandatory (I guess, have not tryed) but I whouldn’t recommend update straing from a low release (eg. 5.1) straight to another version. I consider it’s […]

11gR2 Database Point-in-time recovery with ASM Snapshots.

Hi all, I was about to write a post explaining how to recover a database from corruption using the new ASMCFS snapshots feature, but as I opened the Oracle ASM Clustered File System documentation, I can read… Oracle ASM is the preferred storage manager for all database files. It has been specifically designed and optimized […]

Hello world!

Hello all. This is the first post of many that will be (hope so… xD) that I expect will help someone on this exciting world which is Oracle Databases administration. Have a nice stay! (And don’t hesitate to visit My Oracle Cookbook) 🙂